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Can you name the player who had the first plate appearance in each World Series?

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2014CF, SF
20132B, STL
2012CF, DET
20112B, TEX
2010SS, TEX
2009SS, PHI
2008SS, PHI
2007CF, COL
2006SS, STL
20052B, HOU
2004SS, STL
2003CF, FLA
2002CF, SFG
2001LF, NYY
2000RF, NYM
19992B, NYY
19982B, SDP
19972B, CLE
1996CF, ATL
1995CF, CLE
1993CF, PHI
1992CF, TOR
1991DH, ATL
1990LF, OAK*
1989CF, SFG
19883B, OAK
1987LF, STL
19863B, BOS*
1985CF, STL
19842B, DET
19832B, PHI*
19823B, MIL*
19812B, LAD
1980LF, KCR
1979CF, PIT
1978CF, NYY
19772B, LAD
1976CF, NYY
19753B, CIN
1974SS, OAK
19733B, NYM
1972SS, OAK
19712B, PIT
1970LF, BAL
1969CF, NYM
19682B, DET
1967LF, STL*
1966SS, BAL*
1965SS, LAD
1964SS, NYY
1963SS, LAD
1962SS, NYY
19612B, CIN
1960SS, NYY
19593B, LAD
1958RF, NYY
19572B, MLN*
1956RF, NYY
1955LF, BRO
1954LF, CLE
19532B, BRO
1952RF, NYY
19512B, NYG
1950LF, NYY
1949SS, BRO*
1948LF, CLE
19472B, BRO
1946RF, BOS
19453B, CHC
19442B, SLB
19432B, STL
1942SS, NYY*
1941RF, BRO
1940SS, DET
19393B, CIN
1938SS, NYY
1937LF, NYG
1936SS, NYY
1935LF, CHC
19343B, STL
19332B, WSH
19322B, CHC*
19312B, PHA
1930CF, STL
19292B, PHA
1928CF, STL
1927CF, NYY*
1926CF, STL
1925CF, WSH*
19243B, NYG*
1923SS, NYG*
1922CF, NYY
1921CF, NYY
1920LF, CLE
1919RF, CHW
1918RF, BOS*
1917LF, NYG
1916CF, BRO
1915RF, BOS*
1914RF, BSN
1913RF, PHA
1912RF, BOS*
1911LF, PHA
1910LF, CHC
1909LF, DET
1908LF, CHC
1907LF, DET
1906RF, CHW
1905C, NYG*
1903CF, PIT

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