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Can you name the people who were born and who died on each given holiday?

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New Year's Day (January 1)
Born 1752 - Seamstress often credited with U.S. flag design 
Died 1894 - German physicist for whom unit of frequency is named 
Valentine's Day (February 14)
Born 1944 - Journalist who broke Watergate story with Bob Woodward 
Died 1989 - Ornithologist and Ian Fleming character namesake 
St. Patrick's Day (March 17)
Born 1949 - Actor (Bobby Ewing on both versions of the TV show Dallas) 
Died 2005 - American diplomat and 'containment' proponent 
Cinco de Mayo (May 5)
Born 1942 - Country music singer-songwriter (Stand By Your Man) 
Died 1995 - World chess champion off and on from 1948-63 
Canada Day (July 1)
Born 1952 - Actor (Ghostbusters, Trading Places) 
Died 2009 - Actor (The Streets of San Francisco, On the Waterfront) 
Independence Day (U.S.) (July 4)
Born 1872 - 30th President of the United States 
Died 1826 - 3rd President of the United States 
Bastille Day (July 14)
Born 1985 - NFL cornerback for Jets, Buccaneers, Patriots 
Died 1966 - Artist and niece of impressionist Édouard 
Unity Day (Germany) (October 3)
Born 1964 - Actor (Children of Men, The Bourne Identity) 
Died 1967 - Singer-songwriter (This Land Is Your Land) 
Veterans/Armistice Day (November 11)
Born 1940 - Junior U.S. Senator from California 
Died 1831 - Leader of a Southampton County, Virginia slave rebellion 
Christmas Day (December 25)
Born 1642 - English scientist (calculus, gravity) 
Died 1989 - Five-time New York Yankees manager 

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