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The year Adams was born
The state where Adams was born
Adams' alma mater
John married her in 1764
His first born son, born in 1767 (first and middle name)
Adams defended the British soldiers involved in this 1770 event
In 1775 Adams nominated this man commander-in-chief of colonial forces
Adams and 55 others signed this document in 1776
In 1778 he traveled to this European country
In 1789, Adams became the first person in U.S. history to hold this position
In that position, he was given this 2-word nickname
Adams was elected president in this year
He was a member of this party
1798 'affair' that strained diplomatic relations with France
Four laws he signed in 1798 became known by this 4-word term
His V.P. was this man
In 1800, the above answer and this man finished ahead of Adams in the Electoral College
Also in 1800, Adams moved into this building
Adams did not attend this March 4, 1801 event
In this year, his eldest son was elected president
Adams died on July 4 of this year

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