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Can you name the before and afters made from the abbreviations of the given things?

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Cable network with Stuart Scott, Jim RomeAfrican American group started by WEB DuBois
Largest labor org. in US, from 2 that mergedOversaw recent events in Beijing, Vancouver
Largest US company for fixed telephonryTed Turner's cable TV station
Roger Goodell is its commissionerKorean electronics provider
The Yankees are a part of itCompany under fire for recent oil spill
American group for people over 50Final Fantasy is one
U.S. government's cryptologic intelligenceStandardized test, important to some colleges
Konami game series formerly called Dancing StageLarge African country, capital Kinshasa
California school, nickname BruinsThe airport in that school's city
A group for pros on the linksIt used to precede Time-Warner
Important factor in pricing of consumer goodsImportant metric in college basketball
High school diploma equivalentIts current head is Robert Gates

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