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Can you name the one-word things which are typically stylized or otherwise spelled with 2 capital letters?

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Google program that allows website owners to make money from advertising
Yogi's sidekick
Largest used car retailer in the U.S.
Back to the Future time machine car
Electronic toll collection system from NE U.S. (3 capital letters)
Logistics/shipping company w/naming rights to stadium of NFL Redskins
All-female American rock band formed in 1978, The...
Fruit drink made by Minute Maid/Coca Cola
Popular west coast burger chain (3 capital letters)
First name of 2007 Raiders bust QB Russell
Brand name of a popular construction toy
City in Georgia or New York (with a space, it's a ZZ Top song)
One nickname of the most valuable Premier League football team
The capital of Chad
NBA players Shaquille and Jermaine
Fact-checking arm of the St. Petersburg Times
Popular brand name cotton swab
1987 U.S. sci-fi film about a cyborgian police officer
'Amazing' Marvel superhero
Vulcan high priestess from The Search for Spock
Truck and equipment rental company out of Phoenix
Reginald who played Carl on 'Family Matters'
Sam Walton-founded mega retailer (went lower case in 2008)
G4 gaming show with comedic bent
First name of cellist Ma
1946 tune from Disney's Song of the South (4 capital letters)

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