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Richard Nixon resigns
U.S. boycotts Summer Olympics in Moscow
Princess Diana killed in car crash
Winston Churchill dies
Munich Pact signed
SCOTUS: Dred Scott v. Sanford
Vichy government installed in France
Office of U.S. presidency first occupied
Mt. Vesuvius erupts, burying Pompeii and Herculaneum
William I becomes King of England
Adams and Jefferson both die July 4
Hundred Years War begins
American Constitutional Convention
Apollo 11 lands on the moon
JFK assassinated
Last American troops leave Vietnam
Battle of Gettysburg
William McKinley assassinated
October Revolution in Russia
Seven Years/French and Indian war ends
Louisiana purchased from France by U.S.
Deepwater Horizon/Gulf of Mexico oil spill
Battle of Bosworth Field
Ottomans take Constantinople
Berlin Wall falls
Magna Carta signed
Germany invades Poland and WWII begins
30 Years War begins
Titanic sinks
Hitler bites the dust/Hiroshima bombed
American Civil War begins
Spanish-American War begins
Thomas Jefferson becomes president
Reign of George III begins
Challenger disaster
Second U.S.-led invasion of Iraq
Camp David Accords
Queen Victoria crowned
Battle of Waterloo
World Trade Center destroyed
Missouri Compromise
Glorious Revolution
Great Fire of London
Mussolini becomes Italian PM
Six Day War
Nat Turner leads slave rebellion
Matthew Perry visits Japan
Gandhi assassinated
Treaty of Versailles signed after WWI
Republic of Türkiye proclaimed
Abraham Lincoln elected president
Treaty of Verdun
Little Rock Central High School integrated
Federal building in Oklahoma City bombed
Queen Elizabeth II crowned
Tet Offensive in Vietnam
First U.S.-led invasion of Iraq
Sporcle founded
Boxer Rebellion begins
The USSR invades Afghanistan
First Council of Nicaea
English Civil War begins
Thirty Years War ends
World Trade Center bombed, 6 killed
Sadat assassinated
Muhammad dies
Battle of Little Bighorn
Edict of Milan
Charlemagne named Emperor
Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
Apartheid ends in South Africa
Great Chicago Fire
San Francisco earthquake (4/18 at 5:12 AM)
India achieves independence
Kellogg-Briand Pact signed
Yom Kippur War
SCOTUS: Bush v. Gore
Lusitania sinks
Black Thursday stock market crash
World War I begins
Gulf of Tonkin incident
James Garfield assassinated
Cuban Missile Crisis
Battle of Saratoga
U.S. declares independence
Spanish Armada destroyed
Stalin kicks the bucket
Louis XIV dies
Abraham Lincoln assassinated
LZ 129 Hindenburg destroyed
Columbus lands in the New World
Augustus Caesar dies
Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans
Great Lisbon Earthquake
Jamestown founded
William Shakespeare dies
Baghdad sacked by the Mongols
The British burn Washington
U.K. and Argentina fight in the Falklands
The Wright Flier I takes off at Kitty Hawk
George Washington born
Louis XVI executed
Battle of Lepanto
First modern Olympics held
First Crusade begins
Treaty of Utrecht
NATO bombs Yugoslavia
Whiskey Rebellion
Embargo Act
Mexican-American War begins
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
Crimean War ends
Gallipoli campaign concludes
The Mayflower leaves England
William Wallace executed
Battle of Agincourt
Japanese invasion of Manchuria begins
Gagarin enters space
Vietnam wins at Dien Bien Phu
Odoacer deposes Romulus Augustus
Peace of Augsburg finalized
Battle of Tours
Luther publishes The Ninety-Five Theses
Barack Obama elected
Alaska and Hawaii become states
Columbus begins his 2nd voyage
Spanish Inquisition begins
Battle of the Alamo
Simón Bolívar dies
George Washington dies
Pluto discovered
Napoleon crowned Emperor of the French
U.S. and others invade Grenada
Gorbachev becomes Soviet Premier
Clinton impeached
Thatcher resigns prime ministership
Van Gogh cuts off own ear
Gustavus Adolphus killed
Saddam Hussein executed
WWI western armistice achieved
Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg
The Great Gatsby published
Nixon visits China
Burr kills Hamilton
First meeting of the U.N.
Berlin airlift succeeds in ending blockade
Indian Ocean tsunami kills thousands
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Stamp Act levied against British colonies
Herschel discovers Uranus
John Brown raids Harpers Ferry
Millard Fillmore signs a 5-bill 'Compromise'
Dolly the sheep born from cloning
Canada formed out of Constitution Act
Sherman Antitrust Act
Hitler named Führer
Voyagers 1 and 2 launched
Andrew Johnson impeached
Franco-Prussian War begins
Treaty of Paris ends U.S. Rev. War
Columbus sets out for final voyage west
Battle of Crécy
No Child Left Behind signed by Bush
Korean War begins
Alien and Sedition Acts passed
Death of Charlemagne
Socalist Republic of Vietnam formed
Apollo 13 mission
Death of Albert Einstein
Napoleon Bonaparte dies
Galveston, TX hit by hurricane, Sept. 8
Death of Marcus Aurelius
Spanish Civil War begins
Catcher in the Rye first published
Francis Gary Powers' U-2 shot down
Battle of Midway
Sacco and Vanzetti executed
Diet and Edict of Worms
Balfour Declaration approved
First Boer War begins
William Harrison dies in office
United Arab Republic formed by Egypt, Syria
Walt Disney dies
Nasser becomes President of Egypt
First African-American U.S. president inaugurated
Los Angeles riots after Rodney King verdict
Bangladesh declares independence
Tennessee first Confederate state readmitted to US
First U.S. election with women's suffrage
Huxley's Brave New World published
First United States Census authorized
Concordat of Worms
Battles of Bunker Hill, Lexington, and Concord
T. Roosevelt helps end Russo-Japanese War
Eisenhower becomes Supreme Allied Commander in Europe
Kansas Nebraska Act becomes law
Dow drops more than 20% in one day
Reagan wins electoral college by 512 votes
Hosni Mubarak ousted as Egyptian president
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