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People who lived, people who died, things that happened in 1961.

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Surprising 2009 Britain's Got Talent contestant 
Princess of Wales 
Irish New Age singer 
Actor, Morpheus in The Matrix 
'Great' NHL player, #99 
U.S. track star (but awful anthem singer) 
Actress (Seinfeld, Veep) 
Singer with the lower case stage name 
44th U.S. President 
49ers QB & ESPN commentator 
MLB all-time hit leader (at the time) 
Actor, (Pride of the Yankees, High Noon) 
UN General Secretary (plane crash) 
Author (The Sun Also Rises) 
Swiss developer of analytical psychology 
Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo 
Brother of Groucho and Harpo 
Longest-serving Speaker of the House 
Austrian physicist with a 'cat' 
First Lady of the 28th US President 
Warned of military-industrial complex 
Became first human in outer space 
Had Catch-22 published 
Inaugurated US President 
Oscar, Best Actor (Elmer Gantry) 
Coached the Packers to the NFL Championship 
Set MLB single-season home run record 
Won NBA MVP playing center for the Celtics 
Became first American in outer space 
Oscar, Best Actress (BUtterfield 8) 
Its war for independence from France continues 
Its war for independence from Portugal begins 
Treaty to manage this continent enters effect 
Wall under construction in this city 
U.S. lands in this country via Bay of Pigs 
Adolf Eichmann on trial in this city 
Birthday of its Grand Duke becomes national holiday 
African country becomes independent from U.K. 
58 megaton H-bomb tested (country) 
23rd Amendment gives this city electoral votes 

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