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Fencing weapon 1
Fencing weapon 2
Fencing weapon 3
Starting position
Running attack
Deep, fast attack
Direct extension
Offensive action on blade
Defensive action on blade
What comes after the previous answer
Forward movement
Backward movement
Bodily contact
Above the head parry
Defensive counterattack
Where fencing occurs
How long is a fencing strip? (in meters)
How wide is a fencing strip? (in meters)
What is the only thing in sport faster than a fencing blade?
Name a 2008 Olympic champion in fencing
Where were the 2009 Junior and Cadet World Championships?
Where were the 2009 Senior World Championships?
Who cares about the 2009 Veteran World Championships?
When did women's saber first become an event in the Olympics?
Who won?
Punching the ref gets you a
'Sweet Caroline' singer (blank) was a fencer
Who is the Executive Director of the USFA?
Who is the president of the FIE?
You killed my father. Prepare to die.

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