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QUIZ: Can you name the Cherokee Pools Quote Challenge?

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Forced Order
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Who said this quote?Person
'Nick Cannon believes in aliens!'
'It is what it is...'
'What is the speed ratio between a fart and sneeze?'
'Whats for lunch?'
'YES!! I got a 100% on Pork Dumplings!'
'Just like that'
'That's what she said!'
'Shut up, Spongy!'
'HEY CARL! So nice to see you!'
'Dont cha know?'
'I now realize that I'm not really that short?!'
'Cherokee Pee---- Pools!'
'You know, Chep?'
Who said this quote?Person
every movie quote on this planet
'Suck me sideways!'
'Thats Stoopid!'
'Im fricken rediculous!'
'Do you sparkle in the sun?'
'Thats just dumb!'
'Do you watch me sleep?'
'Here's my card!...'
'I keep my toothbrush in a plastic travel case in my room!!'

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