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What isHint
Q/2 =
Q = on the inventory model
OH = on the inventory model
R = on continuous review
IP = on the inventory model
IP is made up ofon the inventory model
TBO = on continuous review model
L = delivery
Reorder point =
T = periodic system review
P =periodic system review
P+L=periodic system review
Convenient to administerwhich type of system
Possible quantity discountswhich type of system
What isHint
EOQ assumes1 of 5 assumptions
EOQ assumes1 of 5 assumptions
EOQ assumes1 of 5 assumptions
S = for EOQ
Holding Cost = for EOQ
Order Cost = for EOQ
Total Cost (C) =... + ...
EOC = for square root = sqrt
A shop sells 27 TV's a week; the supplier charges �220/TV; Annual holding cost is 4% of the TV value and they choose a 35 lot size; If the order cost is �50; D=simple
H = simple
S = simple
Q = simple
what is C = q23
EOQ = q24
C of EOQ =

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