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Statement Wrong Word Made Right
Arnold is Ginny's puffskein.
Harry's very first Chocolate Frog card featured Nicolas Flamel.
The Kappa is from China.
The day Ron ate Dean's chocolates, he was poisoned by accident.
Dobby's salary was ten galleons a week.
...So if you seek under our floors, a treasure that was never yours...
Albus befriended the dark wizard, Elphias, in his teenage years
On the Slytherin crest, the emerald green would look incomplete without its lovely white.
Kingsley's patronus is a bobcat.
A bezoar is a stone found in the stomach of a bear.
Statement Wrong Word Made Right
The two quaffles try to knock people off their brooms.
Grawp and Rubeus share a father.
Fleur went with Roger David to the Yule Ball.
Narcissa and Bellatrix are cousins.
The maroon color of the Hogwarts Express is easily recognized.
After the wedding (B+F), Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to Sharsbury Avenue.
There are thirty-four knuts in a sickle.
Spattergroit gives a person orange pustules.
Hermione made her parents think that they were Monica and Chandler Wilkins.
Ron figured the wand was blackthorn.

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