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Can you name the facts about Harry Potter's dragons?

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M.O.M. Classification
Whiych gender is generally larger in size?
What body parts have magical powers?
Another one.
Another one.
Another one.
Another one.
Their eggs are defined as Class A _____________.
How many breeds are there?
Native to...
Commonly dwells is...
What size is it? (S/M/L)
Favorite food:
What color are the eggs?
Color: (mostly)
What is it's flame shaped like?
Middle weight: (eg. 5-7 tones would be 6)
What is it's mammal of choice, besides humans?
Common Welsh...
With what does it blend into?
Do they get into a lot of trouble?
Prey of choice:
It's roar is described as being surprisingly...
Where is it from?
Up to _____ feet in length.
Eye color:
What is it's tail spike shaped like?
Most ________ of all dragons.
What does it feed on whenever possible?
It's appearance has been described as _____-like.
Fire breathing range:
Egg color:
Size description:
Scale color:
Fangs are particularly...
Feeds on, besides humans?
In what century was extermination needed?
Scale color:
What body part is used in potions?
It's native territory is now an important dragon...
What was it hunted for?
Has been a subject of a...
The flame that issues from its________....
is a brilliant _____
Lives in the...
Prefers areas with what?
Can weigh up to...
Considerably______ in flight...
...than a ______ or longhorn.
Where was there a sailing boat carried off by one?
In what year?
What species is Norbert?
What do we find out about him?

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