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Can you name the Name the famous steeler defense men with the clues provided?

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Drafted 1969; Retired 1981; Played on all four 1970's Super Bowl teams; Starred in a famous Coke Commercial
Coined the Phrase 'One for the Thumb' during the Steeler quest for a 5th Super Bowl ring 
Drafted 1969; Retired 1981; Sacked Roger Staubach 4 times in Super Bowl X; Wore gold cleats every game despite NFL fines
Was one of the 4 members of the Steel Curtain 
Drafted 1971; Retired 1982; Had a total of 25 sacks, 21 fumble recoveries, and 32 interceptions; Known as the Steeler who couldn't be fooled and was seldom out of position
Born and Raised in Johnstown, PA 
Drafted 2003; Current Player; Continues a Somoan Hair Tradition; Does the Sign of the Cross after every play
Received the biggest contract in team history in 2007 
Drafted 1987; Retired 2003 (As a Raider); Named to Pro Bowl 11 times as a punt/kick return man and cornerback; Wore #26
Now works for NFL Network as an Analyst 
Drafted 1974; Retired 1984; Known for his intense hits he put on other opposing players; Famous for his semi-toothless smile
HIs teeth were not lost in football action, but during a high school basketball game 
Drafted 1971; Retired 1978 (As a Patriot); Nicknamed 'Fats' by his teamates; Credited with 40 career sacks
Died in a car accident in 2008 while not wearing his seatbelt 
Drafted 1970; Retired 1983; Did not allow any touchdowns his first year as a starting Steeler; Made a fumble recovery and interception in Super Bowls XIV and XIII, respectively, th
Opened 2 youth homes, one in Vidalia, GA and one in Claysville PA 
Drafted 2001; Current Player; 5 time Pro Bowl selection as a Nose Tackle; Played in every game his first 3 seasons
Currently weighs in a 325 lbs 
Drafted 1997 (As a Jet); Current player; Recorded 82 tackles in 14 games his first season as a Steeler in 2002; Claimed he wished to be a Steeler for the rest of his career after t
Works with borther Matt in their self-established charitable foundation  
Drafted 1971; Retired 1980; Named 'One of the best players ever to wear a Steeler's uniform' by owner Dan Rooney; Nicknamed Mad Dog
Became a Stock Broker after his NFL career 
Undrafted (began with Steelers in 2002); Current Player; Left Steelers briefly to play for the Ravens when he did not make the team; Scored a Defensive touchdown in Super Bowl XLII
Did not visit the White House after either Super Bowl victory of which he was a part 
Drafted 1987; Retired 1988 (As a Panther); Became a starter in 1989 after bouts of injury; Well known for using explitive language during a 1995 interview with CBS
Currently teached Tae Kwon Do 
Undrafted; Retired 1980 (As a Giant); Only player in History to catch and throw and interception in the same game; Coached 2006 Colts to win Super Bowl XLI
First African American Coach to win a Super Bowl 

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