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First to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific in his quest to circumnavigate the globe
Set out to find a Wester route to India with three well-known Spanish vessels
First to land in North America since the Vikings; Landed in Newfoundland
Spanish Born explorer who led the first European expedition to Florida; Commonly associated with the Fountain of Youth
Responsible for the beginings of European exploration; Opened a Nautical School for aspiring sailors.
Sailed from Portugal to India, rounding the Cape of Good Hope
Italian born navigator and cartographer who is the believed namesake of North and South America
Explorer turned conquistador as he pilaged Amerindian settlements; First European to cross the Mississippi River
Chinese eunuch who sailed junk ships to make diplomatic relations and collect treasure for the Song emperor
Italian-born French explorer who was the first to explore the Atlantic coast of what would later become the United States
17th century Englishman who explored smaller inland bodies of water in Canada; Namesake of Hudson Bay
Scottish Cartographer who mapped much of Africa after the Napoleonic wars
Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Kingdom of the Andes Mountains
Conquerer of the Aztecs; Almost failed in his conquest but prevailed because of their advanced weaponry (guns and gunpowder)
Venetian Merchant who traveled to China and sparked Western interest in the East with his stories and tales

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