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Forced Order
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It wasn't ____ ago,
that I was all ____.
I ____ had anyone,
anyone to ____ my own.
I knew ____ I was going,
but I never had a ____,
What my ____ would really be
until I ____ you.
You pulled me from the ____;
you made me feel at ____.
You taught me about ____,
now I know I'll never ____.
We started out as ____,
but now we're more than ____.
We've become a ____ that I know will never end.
You're my ____
You have ____ been there,
You're my ____
In my ____ of need.
You're my ____
I will ____ you anywhere.
You're my ____
No matter where life ____.
You've always stood ____ me
every ____ of the way
We do that for ____ ____,
____ we do that day by day.
If we stand ____,
____ as one,
We can do ____ that we need to get done.
I put my ____ in your hands,
I laid it on the ____.
I know you will never ____ ____ ____.
And I will come ____
if ____ you should call,
Even though I may not ____ ____ ____
because... You're my ____....
For a ____ ____

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