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What is the functional unit of the vertebrate kidney?
Where are podocytes found?
What are podocytes permeable to?
What surrounds the glomerulus?
What gets reabsorbed from the Loop of Henle?
What gets reabsorbed in the proximal tubule?
What capillaries serve to reabsorb molecules?
What brings filtrate away from the glomerulus?
What is released from the descending loop of Henle?
What is released from the ascending loop of Henle?
What do the proximal tubules absorb?
What is the purpose of the distal tubule?
What are the 2 primary solutes in the osmotic gradient?
What does the collecting duct release?
What part of the nephron has the highest osmotic molarity?
Why is this filtration system so important?
What is the hormone that regulates water balance?
What does ADH do, specifically?
What peptide increases blood pressure?
What is released when the adrenal glands are stimulated with angiotensis II?

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