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Was a troubled youth, Saved baseball, nicknamed “the great bambino” and “the sultan of swat” was originally a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, got sold to the Yankees and be
Considered himself the' luckiest man on earth' the day he retired. Nicknamed the Iron Horse. Held previous record for consecutive games (2130). Died of nuerological disease now nam
Was nicknamed “Barney” and “The Big Train” was a pitcher who played entire 21 year baseball career with the Washington Senators. Still holds many records including the most
-- iron-fisted, first commissioner of organized baseball (both NL and AL); replaced by Happy Chandler. Was a racist. Very racist man, blocked every attempt to integrate while in of
Was nicknamed “Spoke” and the “Grey Eagle” and played center field. Started with the Boston Red Sox. Considered one of the best offensive and defensive center fielders.
- Was known as the “black Babe Ruth”, Negro league player, one of the best power hitters and catchers ever
Was the first player from the negro leagues to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. might have been the best pitcher of all-time, self-proclaimed 2000 wins
Nicknamed the “The Heather from Van Meter” and was a major league pitcher with the Cleveland Indians and attributed his arm strength to his hard life on the farm in Iowa which
only player to be elected to all-star game in every year he played, had a 56-game hit streak that still stands today as the longest ever
He was a a left fielder for the Boston Red Sox for his entire 21 year baseball career. Last player to bat over .400.
Nicknamed Shoeless Joe. - was banned by Kenesaw Mountain Landis for his participation with the Black Sox scandal, has the 3rd highest batting average in MLB history
Pitcher, part of Black Sox Scandal.Won 1 game and Lost Two in the 1919 World Series which was the Black Sox scandal
Was a major league baseball executive who signed Jackie Robinson, drafted the first Hispanic/African American superstar Robert Clemente, introduced the farm system, and created the
Owned the White Sox during the Black Sox Scandal. Was a major league baseball player and manager who eventually owned the Chicago White Sox. His reputation was permanently tarnishe
Nicknamed “The Brain” who was New York business man and gambler and was reportedly the mastermind behind the black sox scandal
negro leagues star; thought to be one of fastest players in history
first baseman and manager in the Negro Leagues most notably in the Negro American league with the Kansas City Monarchs. He became the first African American coach in Major League B
American League pitcher who played for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Cubs, and briefly for the St. Louis Browns. Last pitcher to win 30 games in a season. Ace of gas house g
-- nickname for the 1934 STL Cardinals; given nickname because of rough and tumble look of team, generally showing up in unwashed uniforms
Was manager for the Dodgers, brought baseball to the west coast from Brooklyn to L.A. One of the most influential sportsman of the 20th century...Also brought Jackie Robinson to th
Moved the Giants in a controversial move to San Francisco
best known for his publicity stunts to bring in attendance; responsible for Eddie Gaedel “midget stunt” with the St. Louis Browns.
first black player-dodgers signed by branch ricky second baseman. Integrated in 1947
first black player in American League; played for Cleveland Indians, signed by Bill Veeck. Integrated american league.
Born in Philly he was most notably a Negro Catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers but his career was cut short when he was paralyzed in a car accident in 1958. Some regard him as one of
black outfielder-giants. One of the greatest players to ever play the game. Responsible for the over the shoulder catch
The only player to win Rookie of the year, MVP, and the Cy Young award in a career and was the first black pitcher to win 20 games in one season.
black shortstop. Mr. Cub, 512 Career HR’s. Pure love of the game
was the first African American to be hired on as manager in Major League history (Cleveland Indians). He ammassed the fourth most home runs at the time of his retirement and curren
credited for “reviving the stolen base” played mostly for the Dodgers
-one of the best catchers ever-yankees...also was a manager and led teams in the national and american league to the world series
Greatest switch hitter of all-time, Played all seasons for the Yankees, won the triple crown in 1956, played in 12 world series, won 7
Was a heavy supporter of Jackie Robinson (his teammate) and was always there for Robinson in his first trying years.shortstop for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1940 to
The Silver Fox” was a centerfielder who played for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. Also known as the duke of flatbush.
First president of the American League, which was a “cleaner” version of the National League
Former Major League Players Association director from 1966-1982. Known for increasing average salaries while in office and effecively ending the reserve clause
Started his own sporting goods business, known as the “Baseball Messiah”, was also the first pitcher to 200 wins, one of the best pitchers of his era
created the negro leagues
1884-first black player to make it to play professional baseball in, lots of scrutiny towards him, wasn’t another black player in the majors for 60 years after him
The Old Redhead” was a baseball play-by-play baseball announcer across four decades for the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, and the Cincinnati Reds
Hot dog pioneer
Braves best pitcher, got caught throwing games and was banned forever. Devlin tried writing to Harry Wright to get reinstated, but never got reinstated and ending up dying young of
owner of the New York Mutuals. Enclose field. Named Union Grounds
true father of baseball, NOT Abner Doubleday. Based game off British game of “rounders” Wrote down first set of rules
- First to pay players money, made baseball business. Assembled, managed, played CF for 1st Professional baseball team: Cincinnati Red Stockings. National Association of Profession
headed the “Mills Commission” which credited Abner Doubleday with the invention of baseball.
first to throw curveball; added a new dimension to game that gives defense advantage; emphasis upon pitching
President of White Stockings baseball club; one of the founders of the national league was on chicago board of trade, railroad man, thought if owners could come together that baseb
American baseball guild, barred racial discrimination hiring established commission to review complaints

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