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Can you name the Civil War Figures by the description given?

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Forced Order
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President of Confederacy, West Point Graduate
Won at Chattanooga, marched his army through Georgia
Famous for taking care of wounded soldiers and organizing the Red Cross
Leader of all Confederate forces, West Point Graduate
Beseiged the town of Vicksburg, MS
President of the United States
Organized hospitals for soldiers in the south
His 1,200 troops encircled McClellan's army at Richmond
Led Union army in First Battle of Bull Run
Woman who fought at the First Battle of Bull Run and served as a Confederate spy
Replaced George McClellan as commander of Union Army
Replaced previous answer as Commander of Union army
Replaced previous answer as Commander of Union army in 1863
Led Confederate attack the broke Union lines at First Battle of Bull Run
Helped slaves escape on the Underground Railroad and served as a Union spy
Confederate general driven back at First Bull Run by Irvin McDowell
Appointed head of the Union Army of the East at the start of the war
Naval leader who captured New Orleans
Assassinated Abraham Lincoln
Became president following the Lincoln assassination

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