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Can you name the alphabetical answers the these Archer trivia questions?

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'That's how you get ____!'A
Accountant with a sex addictionC
Sterling's Code Name/Malory's deceased dogD
The number of gills of blood taken for Archer's paternity test.E
Bone of Barry's that Archer broke.F
ISIS Server PasswordG
According to Archer, this is how you refer to a dead call girl.H
An aural affliction of Archer'sI
Lana's hands have been compared to this former MLB catcherJ
Archer's Russian bride turned cyborgK
Archer's call to get attention from Agent Kane.L
'M, as in _________'M
Kreiger might just be a ________ clone.N
Cheryl has this kind of pet named BabooO
'Who the hell drilled my box?'P
Archer's guess at Agent Kane's ethnicityQ
Archer's hero.R
Pam or Ray's typical response to a sexual or exciting situation.S
Item of clothing Archer claimed to have inventedT
UN bureaucrat from which ISIS attempts to make an arms deal: Tovald _____.U
Archer's favorite prank medium.V
Archer's oft abused servantW
Archer's station __XX
An emphatic affirmative from Agent Kane.Y
Danger _____.Z

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