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QUIZ: Can you name the cast of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'?

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Partial Owner of Paddy's Pub, Attended UPennGlenn Howerton
Partial Owner of Paddy's Pub, Creator of Night ManCharlie Day
Partial Owner of Paddy's Pub, once suspected of being a serial killerRob McElhenney
Bartender at Paddy's Pub, Dropped out of UPenn as a psych majorKaitlin Olson
Father of two members of 'the gang,' often bails the group out of tight situations with his moneyDanny DeVito
Coffee Shop employee crush of one of the guysMary Elizabeth Ellis
Priest turned homelessDavid Hornsby
Actress friend of the gang, auditions for bar dancer and is stage manager for the production of 'The Nightman Cometh'Artemis Pebdani
Estranged twin, middle school acquaintance of the gangJimmi Simpson
Estranged twin, middle school acquaintance of the gangNate Mooney
Sister of the estranged twinsThesy Surface
Mother of one of the guys, the 'Bang Maid'Lynn Marie Stewart
Convict who runs a prison heroin ringGregory Scott Cummings
Wealthy mother of two of the main characters, dies in a botched plastic surgery operationAnne Archer
Chain smoking wife of prison convict and mother of one of the members of the gangSandy Martin
Philanthropist blood father of two of the main charactersStephen Collins
Transvestite with whom one of the guys has a relationshipBrittany Daniel
Everyone's favorite spandex mascotCharlie Day

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