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CluesMovie Title
Kevin Spacey Murders Sinners
A Group of Military 'Bad Eggs' on a Suicide Mission
Jack's Character Is Smothered by a 'Chief'
A Bunch of Pups Avoid a 'Cruel' Fate
Frank Drebin Saves a Scientist with Help from a Buffalo Bill
Brad is a Former SS Officer who Befriends the Dalai Lama
Through a Contentious Debate, The Verdict Sways to Not Guilty
Jules Vern Should Have Called it: Boats, Trains and Hot Air Balloons!
Society Didn't Live Up To Expectations Because We Can't Travel to Jupiter Yet
It Was the Best of Times, Unless Your Head Ends Up in a Guillotine
CluesMovie Title
If You Kill an Adopted Mother, the Leader of 'The Funky Bunch' Will Get You!
Card Counting Can Pay For Harvard if You Don't Get Caught
Before They Joined The Breakfast Club, Molly and Anthony Celebrated a Birthday
Story of a Veteran (Who I don't Think is a Scientologist)
The Men in This Film Weren’t The Wind Beneath Their Exes' Wings!
Uma Can't See the Madman that's After Her
Math Wiz's Super Computer Discovers a Number that Helps Predict the Stock Market
'All For One, and One For All!'….Now Where is my Candy Bar?
The Working Title of This Film was '5 Church Events,' but Hugh Grant Disapproved
Remake with a Star-Studded Cast. In the Original, They Couldn't Use a 'Pinch' To Knock out the Power.

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