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Can you name the following U.S. Supreme Court cases?

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The court may strike down laws that are unconstitutional.1803
A person of African descent cannot be a citizen of any state.1857
The letter of the law does not always align with the spirit of the law.1892
Segregation is constitutional if facilities are separate but equal.1896
Zoning is constitutional.1926
Racial segregation is unconstitutional.1954
States cannot nullify decisions made by federal courts.1958
School-initiated prayer in public schools violates the First Amendment.1962
Indigent defendants must be provided representation without charge.1963
Police officers must inform suspects of their rights before questioning.1966
A person's citizenship may not be revoked against their will.1967
Laws prohibiting interracial marriage are unconstitutional.1967
Students have rights while in school.1969
Laws restricting the right to abortion before viability are unconstitutional.1973
Executive Privilege does not exempt the President from the law.1974
Sodomy laws targeting homosexuals are constitutional.1986
The First Amendment protects burning the flag.1989
States may not pass laws denying people protection from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.1996
Different standards of vote-counting may not be used in different counties.2000
Affirmative action in higher education is not inherently unconstitutional.2003
Sodomy laws violate an individual's right to privacy.2003
Executing someone for a crime they committed while underage is unconstitutional.2005
Obamacare is a tax, not a mandate, and is therefore, constitutional.2012
Section 4(b) of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional because it no longer reflects societal conditions.2013
Closely-held, for-profit organizations have free exercise rights.2014
Actions that have a disparate impact on a protected class are prohibited under the Fair Housing Act.2015
Laws prohibiting same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.2015

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