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'You said you'd already worked out that egg clue!' said Hermione indignantly.Goblet of Fire
Harry could feel the Felix Felicis wearing off as he crept back into the castle.Half-Blood Prince
The escape of the Brazilian boa constrictor earned Harry his longest ever punishment.Philosopher's Stone
Harry, Ron, and Hermione had always known that Hagrid had an unfortunate liking for large and monstrous creatures.Chamber of Secrets
Harry woke up the next morning to find the dormitory blazing with winter sunlight and his arm reboned but very stiff.Chamber of Secrets
Bill and Fleur's cottage stood alone on a cliff overlooking the sea, its wall embedded with shells and whitewashed.Deathly Hallows
'Ron!' breathed Harry, creeping to the window and pushing it up so they could talk through the bars.Chamber of Secrets
Harry could not move a muscle.Half-Blood Prince
The shock of losing Mad-Eye hung over the house in the days that followed; Harry kept expecting to see him stumping in through the back door like the other Order members, who passeDeathly Hallows
'I don't believe it!' Ron said, in a stunned voice, as the Hogwarts students filed back up the steps behind the party from Durmstrang.Goblet of Fire
Harry sat there, aware that every head in the Great Hall had turned to look at him.Goblet of Fire
I've just been attacked by dementors and I might be expelled from Hogwarts.Order of the Phoenix
He was standing at the end of a very long, dimly lit chamber.Chamber of Secrets
So Snape was offering to help him?Half-Blood Prince
Harry wound his hand tightly into the mane of the nearest thestral, placed a foot on a stump nearby, and scrambled clumsily onto the horse's silken back.Order of the Phoenix
Harry felt his feet slam into the ground; his injured leg gave way, and he fell forward; his hand let go of the Triwizard Cup at last.Goblet of Fire
The notices had gone up all over the school overnight, but they did not explain how every single person within the castle seemed to know that Dumbledore had overcome two Aurors, thOrder of the Phoenix
Harry did not want to tell the others that he and Luna were having the same hallucination, if that was what it was, so he said nothing about the horses as he sat down in the carriaOrder of the Phoenix
Harry felt as though he too were hurtling through space; it had not happened... it could not have happened...Half-Blood Prince
Early in the morning, before the other two were awake, Harry left the tent to search them for the oldest, most gnarled, and resilient looking tree he could find.Deathly Hallows
No one in Gryffindor Tower slept that night.Prisoner of Azkaban
Despite that fact that he had spent every waking moment of the past few days hoping desperately that Dumbledore would indeed come to fetch him, Harry felt distinctly awkward as theHalf-Blood Prince
Harry's euphoria at finally winning the Quidditch Cup lasted at least a week.Prisoner of Azkaban
Since the disastrous episode of the pixies, Professor Lockhart had brought live creatures to class.Chamber of Secrets
The world had ended, so why had the battle not ceased, the castle fallen silent in horror, and every combatant laid down their arms?Deathly Hallows
It was Quirrell.Philosopher's Stone
As Harry had no idea how long a bath he would need to take to work out the secret of the golden egg, he decided to do it at night, when he would be able to take as much time as he Goblet of Fire
Once back under the starry sky, Harry heaved Dumbledore onto the top of the nearest boulder and then to his feet.Half-Blood Prince
In no time at all, Defense Against the Dark Arts had become most people's favorite class.Prisoner of Azkaban
The story of Fred and George's flight to freedom was retold so often over the next few days that Harry could tell it would soon become the stuff of legend.Order of the Phoenix
There was a definite end-of-the-holidays gloom in the air when Harry awoke the next morning.Goblet of Fire
Voldemort looked away from Harry and began examining his own body.Goblet of Fire
Harry's last month with the Dursley's wasn't fun.Philosopher's Stone
Harry had never believed he would meet a boy he hated more than Dudley, but that was before he met Draco Malfoy.Philosopher's Stone
Harry was so relieved that she was taking him seriously that he did not hesitate, but jumped out of bed at once, pulling on his dressing gown, and pushed his glasses back onto his Order of the Phoenix
Hermione made no mention of Harry giving Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons for two whole weeks after her original suggestion.Order of the Phoenix
It was like sinking into an old nightmare; for an instant Harry knelt beside Dumbledore's body at the foot of the tallest tower at Hogwarts, but in reality he was staring at a tinyDeathly Hallows
Harry had no idea what Hermione was planning, or even whether she had a plan.Order of the Phoenix
Was this why Dumbledore would no longer meet Harry's eyes?Order of the Phoenix
Harry could smell salt and hear rushing waves; a light, chilly breeze ruffled his hair as he looked out at a moonlit sea and star-strewn sky.Half-Blood Prince
Harry was several streets away before he collapsed onto a low wall on Magnolia Crescent, panting from the effort of dragging his trunk.Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry felt as though he had barely lain down to sleep in Ron's room when he was being shaken awake by Mrs. Weasley.Goblet of Fire
There was no means of steering; the dragon could not see where it was going, and Harry knew that if it turned sharply or rolled in midair they would find it impossible to cling ontDeathly Hallows
Three o'clock on the following afternoon found Harry, Ron, Fred, and George standing outside the great white marquee in the orchard, awaiting the arrival of the wedding guests.Deathly Hallows
Hermione screamed.Prisoner of Azkaban

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