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Forced Order
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Who doesn't go to lectures?
Who appeared on X Factor (twice)?
Who is the best dancer?
Who can't tell their left from their right?
Who has the best room?
Who eats the most?
Who is the best at ironing?
Who is the best gamer in house 8?
Who appeared on 'The Hoobs'?
Whose bra is like the Mary Poppins bag?
Who has broken windows?
Who frequents Subway almost everyday?
Who takes retard pills?
Who is the best storyteller?
Who has the best bed?
Random TriviaPerson
Who is the most aggressive drunk?
Who is annoyingly talented?
Who knows everyone?
Who makes the most your mum/that's what she said jokes?
Who is the most racist person in House 8?
Who makes innuendos about everything?
Who is the biggest geography freak?
Who is the lone wolf of House 8?
Who never shuts up about their gap year/thinks life is short and that we should party naked?
Who has done everything?
Who goes hard or goes home?
Who is an alcoholic?
If life gives you melons...
Who wears the coolest socks?
Who complains the most about work?

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