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Fought between 1634-1638 in New England, it resulted in the elimination of the titular tribe from New England
Fought from 1675-1676 between Native Americans and New England colonists, it began after the murder of John Sassamon
Fought between 1689-1697 in North America, it was the first of the French and Indian Wars
Fought from 1702-1713, it was the second of the French and Indian Wars
Fought between 1744-1748, it was the third of the French and Indian Wars
Fought from 1739-1748 in the Caribbean and Florida, its most prominent battle was the Battle of Cartagena
Fought between 1711-1715 in eastern North Carolina; the titular tribe was commanded by Chief Hancock
Taking place from 1838-1839 in Maine, it resulted in a mutually accepted border between Maine and New Brunswick
Took place between 1878-1879; the titular tribe was led by Chiefs Little Wolf and Dull Knife
Fought in 1878, this war was combatted between the US and the titular tribe led by Chief Buffalo Horn
Fought in 1879, this war resulted in the removal of the Utes from their lands in Colorado
Fought between 1836-1837, it was a war featuring the US military against the Native Americans in Louisiana
Taking place from 1835-1836, this was a boundary dispute between Ohio and Michigan
This confrontation took place between 1857-1858 and ended after James Buchanan issued his Proclamation on the Rebellion
Fought in 1877, it was a series of battles between the US government and the titular tribe led most famously by Chief Joseph

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