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An often white mineral used in paper making, it is one of the softest minerals
A carbonite mineral often found in copper deposits, it was used by the Greek goddess Demeter to build her throne
The mineral form of sodium chloride, commonly known as rock salt
A mineral with several different varieties including amethyst and onyx, it is the second most abundant mineral in Earth's crust
This mineral can be in the form of flakes, nuggets, or grains, and it is the official state mineral of California
This mineral is an allotrope of carbon with the highest hardness of any bulk material
Represented by a crescent moon symbol, this mineral is primarily produced using the Parkes process
A common use being chalk, this mineral is a by-product of sulfide oxidation
This mineral is the highest grade of coal and is most commonly used in pencils
It is the most common of the sulfide minerals and is known as Fool's Gold
The natural mineral form of lead sulfide, it often forms as an octahedron
Derived from the latin root meaning 'to flow,' this mineral is traditionally used as a flux in steel production
A carbonite mineral with a Mohs hardness of 3, it is a primary component of the shells of marine organisms
This mineral is a popular gemstone that comes in many colors, and it can be found abundantly in Utah
Used by Russians as material for windows, this mineral is the most common mica

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