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Can you name the naked things?

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1988 film starring Leslie Nielsen
Unaided vision
A book by Kevin S. Sandler, or a Peter Sellers Film
A manual of swordsmanship by Toshishiro Obata
A seduction technique from 'How I Met Your Mother'
A 1969 New York Bestseller which was also a hoax designed to prove how base American literary culture had become
A mixed drink including Smirnoff Apple Vodka
One of the pieces of evidence to support the Apollo 16 moon landing hoax theory
Band, singers of 'If I had $1000000' and 'One Week'
Episode of the Original Star Trek Series in which the crew is made 'drunk' by a strange affliction
Scantily clad Busker in New York City Times Square.
A book of Canadian Theatre Ancedotes
A burrowing rodent native to East Africa.
Desmond Morris' 1967 Book comparing humans as a species to other animals

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