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Forced Order
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These are good for every house, to hide from burglars and even the wife and kids.
When its something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call?
A hitman plays bodyguard to a young girl in this 90's movie.
True story of an undercover FBI agent named Joseph Pistone a.k.a....
Story of three friends or rather three wise guys also known as
Whenever aliens invade earth, its always good to count on these well dress guys.
Story of a young man who on the weekend loves to strut his stuff at the local disco.
A man must pay 2 million dollars to get his kidnapped son back in this flick.
An agency was suppose to bring a boring man some excitement in his life. Let's see if he can put all the pieces together before he goes crazy in this thriller.
This superhero was taught by his uncle that with great power comes great responsibility.
In this movie criminals take a group of people hostage on a subway train.
For a gang movie, they did more running than a track team in this 70's film.
A broken fortune teller machine grants a huge wish in this movie.
True story of a high school basketball player caught up in the addiction of heroin.
True story of a serial killer that murdered on the command of a dog. Now thats beyond crazy!
Musical cockroaches were the stars in this comedy.
Half of this movie was about the upcoming of a young Italian man in the 1920's.
Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? _____ Shut your mouth!
This movie was Jackie Chan's U.S. debut, and made him an instant action star.
An undercover cop, a cop close to retirement, and a greedy and truly franic cop all face different scenarios in this movie.
Comedy about a man that tries to play caretaker to a little boy, but doesn't give the best examples.
In this movie a psychiatrist has to break a young woman. Is she really crazy or is there more to her story. Either way she'll never tellllllll.

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