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Can you name the NBA Point Guards of the 90's?

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Lil Penny
Larry Johnson and Stacy Augmon's partner
Rookie in 1999 now one of the better 6 man
Cuttino's Mobley's BFF
This musclar pg has union skills
The Glove
This player once threw 30 assists in a game
PG had a good game and political skills
Had a killer crossover
Will probably hold the assist record until the world ends
Can you Skip to his Lou?
Way before Nate Robinson we had this dunking sensation
Short three point shooting combo guard learned his lesson about racing with Bobby Phills death
This Fab 5 player was the closest pg to Magic as far as height
Originally named Chris Jackson this hot shooter was blackballed out the league for not standing for the national anthem
Yeah he looks like an alien... he could play though
This ball thief held the pg position for the majority of the 90's for the Hawks
After winning the NCAA championship in Arizona. This player had his most memorable NBA years with the Kings
Sweet shooting combo guard that played with the Dream
This 26 year old rookie was Lil Penny's replacement after years on the bench
This small player made his mark at passing the ball and getting steals.
This sneaky HOF shares the same name with a current NBA point guard
It took him like 6 or 7 years to become the player he is. Now he has multiple all-star nods and a ring. Clutch and strong
This skinny Depaul pg once led the league in assists.
Held down the starting pg spot for the majority of the 90's for the Lakers
To remember his name think of Winnie
Flashy all around player
This Bowling Green pg won a championship with the Spurs. Drafted with the 4th pick in the 97 draft
Randy Moss's boy
This player won R.O.Y. and then just became an okay player
This penetrating Pacer was Ray Allen's high school teammate in He Got Game
Stockton got the fame for the pick and roll but this player was just as good. Not the one to put on the free throw line
This soccer player will always be Canada's favorite pg
For two years this quiet player came off the bench for the Cavs. Once he got his chance to be starter he was instantly the team's star player. Has two All-Star apperances
This stocky UCLA pg is called Boom Dizzle
This rookie shooting guard had to run point because Iverson didn't want to.
This young cool GT point guard was so good he got Mookie Blaylock traded from NJ
A big 3 that consist of Jim Jackson, Jamal Mashburn, and this player
Not much of a scorer but top 10 in total assists.
Come on man we just talking about practice.Practice!
This quiet and consistent pg once led the league in assists, but still didn't make the all-star team
Good player but should've never thought that he was better than KG, and stop eating vaseline.
Quiet point guard that was John Stockton's efficent backup
Had to learn coming off the bench for The Glove. Found his niche and best years playing next to A.I.
This Minnesota Golden Gopher once won 6th man of the year in Sacramento.
One of a few players that can say he had a quadruple double. Once had 300 steals for a season
This short light skin player has won most improve player award and in later years got to be an all-star. Good three point and free throw shooter
Like Duke's Jay Williams, this BlueDevil's career was over before it started due to a tragic car accident.
This player was the starter for the Mavericks for years before being replaced by a Kidd.
This Tar Heel did not have the instant success his teammates Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse did. In later years he got better

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