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A fast fighting inspector and a loud mouth cop team up to find a kidnap girl in this movie.
A veteran cop and a professional thief continually play mind games with each other. Days before a big time bank robbery in this movie.
A woman left for dead at her wedding seeks revenge in this film.
Story of an old Asian handyman that teaches a bullied teen how to fight.
Different races of people have issues in this well filmed drama.
Can a lawyer tell the truth? In this movie this one did, know matter how hard he tried not to.
This NY cop just wanted to see his separated wife and his kids for Christmas. Instead he winds up taking on a group of terrorists.
A crime boss, a boxer, gimps, and two hitmen are just a couple of characters in this not filmed in order movie.
A bombed bus will explode if it doesn't stay above 50 mph. The outcome doesn't sound good.
Today is this rookie cop's first day on the job. Unfortunately the detective evaluating the rookie has his own agendas for him.
Two different style streetball hustlers team up in this 90's movie.
True story of a woman trying to find what happened to her missing son. Story takes place in the 1920's.
In this movie a man's co-workers think that he is a little weird. Then they find out his secret. Always better late than never.
Story of a man that goes postal after a recent divorce and losing his job.
What would you do if a kidnapped woman randomly calls your phone and asks for help? Thats what this young man had to figure out in this thriller.
Undercover cop tries to fit in with street racers in this movie.
Story of a sports agent that tries to revitalize his career after gaining a conscience.
Musical about a florist who raises a hungry plant.
An ex computer hacker reluctantly takes a job working for a flamboyant government agent/terrorist in this thriller.
A young dad has to learn that you can' t be a man while still living at home with your mom in this urban drama.
A track star, a raped victim, and a lost loner are three freshmen that take different paths in this college movie.
The plot of this movie sounds good, the actual film was pure garbage. About a convict who will pay one million dollars to anyone that frees him.
Three desperate workers think of the ultimate plan to get rid of each of their supervisors in this comedy.
True story of a homeless schizophrenic violinist and the man who is trying to help him.
In this film an attorney has an ununsual office. How can he write anything?
In this movie a young lawyer and a man accused of murdering his wife, trade wits with each other.

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