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Can you name the NBA Centers of the 90's?

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Drafted out of high school by Portland, this pf/c had his all-star years in Indiana.
This BIG COUNTRY center retired too early.
Future HOF that would block your shot and taunt you with a wave of his finger
Anthony Davis is a close comparison to this defensive UMass player.
This player was a 31 year old rookie. One of the best passing bigs to play the game.
The Dream
The Big Aristotle, Superman, and The Diesel were a few of his nicknames
Before his death this good player changed his name to Bison Dele.
Heart problems slowed his career down, but not to the point where he could not contribute. Should be a future HOF
Knicks all time great center
The Chief
This funny shooting player was one of the dirtiest for the Pistons.
As Divac got older this serviceable Boilermaker became the starting center for the Kings.
This loud mouth hothead won his ring in 2004 with Detroit
North Carolina 3 point shooting big man known as The Big Smooth
When Miami was just becoming a franchise this was their star center. Traded to GS for Billy Owens
The Admiral
This Cavs big man won't make the HOF. But his jersey will one day hang in the rafters.
This skinny 7'6 shot blocker was drafted no.2 in 1993.
Before Yao Ming there was this 7'7 giant.
This Piston might be a Hall of Famer on defense alone.
This player started his career as a pf with the Lakers. In later years he was a center for the Hornets.
Serbian center that spent the majority of his years in California, with the Lakers and Kings.
Injuries made this good Cavs center only play seven years.
This Nuggets center was drafted ahead of his Kansas teammate Paul Pierce.
7'4 player known as The Dunking Dutchman
This rebounding sensation learned his lesson about playing with guns.
This Nigerian player never lived up to being the no.1 pick.

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