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Can you name the answers to these questions regarding the rise of the organised labour movement up to 1915?

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Who was one of the key instigators of the ILP?Working class Scot
A previous 19th century Lib-Lab agreement saw two working-class MPs get elected in 1874. Name one.
Which Prime Minister had, in 1876, legalised trade unions?In office 1874-80
Which historian said: 'It was the almost endemic weakness of organised labour which deluded the Liberal party into thinking that it could stand still in the face of the 'little bre1988
The ILP was formed in Bradford in January of which year?ILP = Independent Labour Party
What word is used to describe employees who ignore a union call to strike?Strikebreakers
What 1899 Congress led to the formation of the LRC?Still exists today
What year was the Taff Vale decision?
What month of what year was the Gas Workers' Union strike?Organised by SDF member Will Thorne. Main demand: reduction of working day from 2x12hr shifts to 3x8hr shifts
How many ILP candidates stood in the 1895 election?Figure from Wikipedia
In what year were payments for MPs introduced?Helped working-class people stand for Parliament
What year was the LRC formed in?LRC = Labour Representation Committee
The 1887 Trafalgar Square riots were given what famous name?10,000 Fabian, SDF and Socialist League marchers. 2000 police, 400 troops. The police attacked - hundreds were injured and three died
Which local government council was won by Labour in 1914?The largest in the country
How many seats did the Labour Party win in December 1910?
Which 1906 act effectively reversed the Taff Vale decision?A Labour private member's bill, removing trade unions from any liability for damages caused by a strike
What percentage of the vote did the LRC receive in the January 1906 election?Less than 10%, not a whole number
Name one of two books Karl Marx wrote that were influential in the British socialist movement.Expounded the evils of capitalism and the values of a classless society
The 1888-1910 movement of trade unionism involving unskilled, low-paid labourers is known by what name?Characterised by an open recruitment policy, often with a militant outlook
Who formed the SDF?Wealthy Marxist. SDF = Social Democratic Federation
When was the Lib-Lab pact?Engineered by Herbert Gladstone and Ramsay MacDonald
Which federation, in 1908, became affiliated to the Labour Party?A significant shift away from the Liberals
What is the name given to the development of trade unions amongst the unskilled workers in the 1880s?
Sidney and Beatrice ____ set up the Fabian Society. Fill in the blank.
How many ILP candidates won seats in the 1895 election?
How many seats did the Labour Party win in 1906?
Did Mussolini ever have to use the Acerbo Law?Had he got a quarter of the votes, he would have got 66% of the seats
What year was the People's Budget accepted in?Established the principle of progressive taxation. Attracted working class support back to the Liberals
What month and year was the Dockers' Strike? Main demand: a wage of 6d an hour ('the dockers' tanner')
The Royal Commission on Labour reported almost 50% of the labouring classes earned about 75p a week. What was the survivable rate / poverty line?1892-5
How many seats did Labour win in January 1910?The Liberals won with 274 votes, the Conservatives got 272: the balance of power rested with the Irish Nationalists and Labour
Name a famous middle-class member of the Fabian Society.
When did Keir Hardie become an MP?Pre-ILP
How did Salisbury's government respond to the Royal Commission on Labour (1892-5)?
The secretary of which union said in 1867, 'we believe all strikes to be a waste of time?'William Allen. At the 1899 Congress, this union called for a conference (held in 1900) to discuss a working-class parliamentary party
What was the name of the Labour Party's national newspaper?Founded in 1909
Who became the first Labour Party Prime Minister?(Outside the period) A Labour figurehead, illegitimate son of a Scottish farm labourer
Name the 1913 Act allowing trade unions to raise a political levy from their members.Reversed the 1909 Osborne Judgement. Individuals could opt out
Who published a survey of living conditions in York in 1901, entitled 'Poverty: A Study of Town Life'?Not Booth (who looked at London)
Who formed the Socialist League?Poet, artist
In which month and year did the Matchgirls strike?The Bryant and May Matchgirls evoked public sympathy and were victorious after 2 weeks of striking for better conditions
How many MPs did the LRC return in the 1900 general election?
In what year was the Fabian Society formed?Your notes may say something different
Name the historian who wrote: 'A significant factor in the overwhelming defeat of the Conservatives in 1906 was the ability of the Liberals and the LRC to mobilise previously untap1972

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