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number of playable characters?
Class of the main members
where takes place FF type-0?
calm,blonde boy who wields a deck of cards
brunette good girl who wields a flute
well-mannered blonde boy armed with a bow
a competitive red haired girl who wields a magic gun
an unusual brown haired girl who fights with a mace
a white haired girls who wields a scythe
a cold gray-haired girl who wields a whip
a young martial artist who wears a pair of knuckles
an impulsive young man who wields a spear
a positive young manwho fights using a katana
an intelligent young woman with black hair who wields a long sword
a kind-hearted young man who wields two guns
a young man with dark hair who wields a pair of rapiers
a kind young woman who wields dual daggers and has outstanding magic habilities
Machina's older brother
main fire eidolon
main earth eidolon
main ice eidolon
legendary knight eidolon
main dark eidolon
dragon king eidolon
Grand eidolon summoned by Caetuna
the masked instructor. ''Icy Blade of Death''
head of Suzaku's magic division
Izana's chocobo name
a Suzaku l'Cie that excels at summoning magic
moogle assigned to class zero
the ''shy'' assistant of class zero
High comander of Byakko, Main antagonist
Brigadier Generaln of Byakko

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