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Can you guess the food-related answerd fFoodHint
Darts: Slang for scoring 45A sack of cashews, pecans, almonds, etc.
Soccer/Football: Slang for a bending/curving ballThink fruit
Soccer/Football: Slang for the net at the back of the goalHolder of root vegetables
All: Slang for an overly flashy playerFull of nitrates
Billiards/Pool: An extremely easy shotA resort town in North Carolina
Cricket: A poor-quality bowlerThink classic Three Stooges schtick
Ice Hockey: Slang for the puck'Put the _____ in the basket'
American Football: Bill Parcells' nicknameWorth a lot in the Tokyo fish market
Baseball: An extremely easy pitch to hit-usually a mistake pitchThat's-a spicy!
Indoor court game similar to racquetballPattypan is one
Can you guess the food-related answerd fFoodHint
All: Common term for someone who can't catchBrand name candybar
Baseball: Warm-up exercise which is banned in most ballparks A spice
Baseball: A slow curveball with a severe dropA type of candy
Basketball: Slang for a pass or an assist/Baseball: Slang for home plateKitchenware or a restaurant order
Bowling: Three strikes in a rowUbiquitous Thanksgiving Day main course
Ice Hockey (NHL): Call made when a pass or shot crosses two redlines into the opponents' zone touched by an opponent first but not the goalieOften the last ingredient in cake
Baseball: Slang for an easy pop flyCan be sweet or creamed
Soccer/Football: Slang for a dribble move between an opponent's legsA spice
Baseball: Slang for a short stint in the majors'The best part of waking up'

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