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Can you name the Warriors: Bluestar's Prophecy: Characters by First Line?

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Very First QuoteCharacterPage #
'Come on!'8
'We all know no kit can compare with your two.'8
'Shouldn't her eyes be open by now?'8
'You opened your eyes.'8
'I'll be the warrior.'9
'I was the mouse last time!'9
'Once you start your training, you'll be glad to get some sleep.'15
'What are you doing here?'17
'It's Pinestar's den.'20
'Have you brought mousebile?'22
'He insists on hunting everyday.'22
'The day I stop hunting is the day you can sit vigil for me.'22
'They look better with their eyes open.'32
'Did the great warrior meet his kits?'34
'Newleaf brings with it new hope and warmth.'44
'Do you want to go out?'48
Very First QuoteCharacterPage #
'WindClan cats must have killed it this morning.'56
'WindClan scent was everywhere!'56
'You're apprentices!'62
'We'll miss you.'62
'If you're apprentices, I don't see why I can't be.'62
'It's chewy.'91
'I'll eat your bit.'91
'ThunderClan brought kits!'129
'Let's start.'159
'I'm guessing my warrior name will be _________'159
'It is with sadness I announce our deputy is moving to the elder's den.'166
'Sorry. I just couldn't resist such a sunny spot.'337
'What's going on?'342
'Patchkit and Leopardkit are outside. Let's surprise them!'11

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