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someone who rides horses
bitless bridle
left side
right side
test for EIA
concaved facial profile
convex facial profile
EHV (name of the disease)
Epiphysial plate
Agar Gel immunodiffusion test
first cervical vertibra
second cervical vertibra
animals of family equidae
first defecation of a foal
hormone used on mares to cause abortions
the heaviest and stongest bone in the horse's body
a condition that results in embryonic death
waxy substance that extends from the bottom of the hoof wall to the periople
bone that forms the elbow
the network of lymphatic vessels, nerves, veins, or arteries
drink made from fermented mare's milk
epoch during which mesohippus lived
breed registered with the AQPA
Breed often referred to as a blood horse
Oldest means of identification for permanantly marking a hrose
Piece of equipment used to open the nail holes on the shoe
Method used to file down the sharp projections on the horse's molars and premolars
a race without jumps
the dress worn by a woman riding side saddle
synchronous diaphragmatic flutters
Disease common in quarter horses
dewormer category primarily used to kill bots

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