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Large (8-22 inch) roundworms that commonly affect horses 1-5 years oldA
These boots are used to protect the coronary band when jumpingB
This draft horse breed originated in ScotlandC
An agent that increases the secretion of water in urineD
The first horse that originated in the eocene eopchE
This occurs by 5 years of age, when all permanent teeth are presentF
A color is technically not a coat color, but a coat color modification which causes a horse to get progressively whiterG
A large, brown, irregularly shaped rubbery mass found in the alantoic fluidH
The naval stump of a foal should be dipped in a solution of this to prevent bacteria from entering the blood streamI
This gait is a two beat gait with a speed of approximately 6mphJ
Drink made from fermented mare's milkK
Hormone responsible for testosterone production in the stallion and ovulation in the mareL
This type of vision allows a horse to use each eye independantlyM
Horses with this disease are often called dummy foals, convulsive foals, barker foals, or wanderer foalsN
Lethal White Foal Syndrome is associated with this coat patternO
The horse belongs to this orderP
This term is associated with dental problems and describes when a horse drops partially chewed food from its mouthQ
Scientific name for tying up, monday morning sickness, or azoturiaR
The most significant of the 'Big 3' StrongylesS
Occurs when the mouth is unable to openT
This conformational defect of the jaw is commonly referred to as 'Monkey Mouth'U
Tiny, fingerlike extensions of the intestine designed to increase surface areaV
A horse can be poisoned by a single mouthful of this plantW
Chromosome pair denoting a female horseX
This term describes a foal that is over the age of 1 but has not yet reached 2Y
What term describes a fertilized eggZ

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