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Can you name the matching pairs of sounds and decibels?

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Some sounds have the same decibel strength (e.g. 100) -- for these you may enter any letter for that decibel strength (e.g. L, M, or N).
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Restaurant ConversationA. 10
MotorcycleB. 20
Rustling LeavesC. 20
Jet Takeoff (from 110 yards/100 meters)D. 30
Vacuum CleanerE. 50
WhisperingF. 60
Busy Urban StreetG. 70
Live Rock MusicH. 70
Aircraft Carrier DeckI. 80
BreathingJ. 90
Garbage DisposalK. 90
Noisy OfficeL. 100
Jet Takeoff (from 27.5 yards/25 meters)M. 100
Car HornN. 100
Food BlenderO. 110
Phone ConversationP. 120
Rocket EngineQ. 130
Power Lawn MowerR. 140
Quiet ConversationS. 150
JackhammerT. 180

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