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QUIZ: The French History Mega-Quiz (Part 2: 1789-1815)

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To start, tell me name of the prison whose storming sparked the revolution?1789
Now give me the three-part motto of the revolution?1789 onwards
...and?1789 onwards
...and?1789 onwards
What about the anthem of the revolution, particularly beloved by the citizens of a certain Southern city?1789 onwards
The revolution led to the creation of the National Assembly, whose members, having been locked out of Versailles, swore allegiance to the people at this nearby sporting venue?1789
As the Assembly matured, the liberal reformers seated themselves on this side of the chamber?1789
...while the conservative monarchists moved to this side?1789
The Assembly then approved this founding document of the revolution?1789
...adopted a new flag of France, consisting of vertical stripes of blue, white and red?1790
...turned this former royal palace into a public art museum?1793
...and adopted this new system of weights and measures?1790s
...based on this fundamental unit, originally defined as one ten-millionth the distance from the equator to the North Pole?1790s
Tell me the name of the group of political radicals who seized control of the Assembly in 1793?1793
...with the backing of these working-class supporters (so named because they didn't wear silk breeches)? 1793
...an alliance encouraged by this firebrand journalist, who was then knifed to death in the bathtub?1793
...by this woman, who feared a civil war?1793
...an event immortalized by this painter just a few months later?1793
How about the name for the period of brutal political suppression that followed?1793-1794
...and the ironic title of the committee that supervised it?1793-1794
...and the committee's favored method of execution (a.k.a. The 'National Razor')?1793-1794
...which was located in this Parisian public square?1793-1794
This first president of the committee oversaw hundreds of executions, but was ultimately executed himself for being too moderate?1793-1794
Too hard? Well surely you know his successor, a merciless enforcer of revolutionary terror?1794
...who was also executed, following a coup d'etat during this 'hot' month in the Revolutionary Calendar?1794
...but who nevertheless put an end to this despicable colonial practice?1794
...and endorsed the simultaneous revolution occurring in this French-speaking Caribbean country?1791-1804
...attracting the admiration of its leader, this freed slave turned armed revolutionary?1794
As heads were rolling in Paris, this ambitious military officer, nicknamed 'The LIttle General,' was gaining in power and influence?1769-1821
...first fighting for independence on the island of his birth?1789-1793
...then moving to Paris and romancing his first wife?1796
...and crossing the Alps to fight a successful campaign here?1796-7
In an attempt to curb his growing influence, he was dispatched to this North African country?1798
...to fight this declining Turkish empire?1798
...over whom he won a decisive victory, in a battle named for these nearby ancient wonders?1798
...and recovered this priceless linguistic artifact?1799
...only to find his Navy had been destroyed in this other battle upriver?1798
...by this brilliant British admiral?1798
Returning to France, he brought the revolution to an end with a coup d'etat during this, the second month of the Revolutionary Calendar?1799
...then negotiated a secret treaty with Spain for the return of this enormous New World territory?1801
...only to sell it to this American president just two years later?1803
In 1804, he awarded himself this pompous title?1804
...in a lavish coronation ceremony at this gothic landmark?1804
...and hung this famous portrait in his bedroom?1804
His plans to invade Britain were scuttled after this second naval defeat off the coast of Spain?1805
...but he scored his greatest victory on land just a few months later, in this tactical masterpiece in Bohemia?1805
...and unified continental Europe after deposing this Austrian Emperor?1805
...bringing to an end this 'sacred' political institution?1805
...which, ironically, had been founded a thousand years earlier by this previous French conquerer of Europe?1805
He commemorated his victories by commissioning this Parisian monument?1806
...and imposed this economic system in response to a British embargo?1806-1814
...as well as this legal system, inspired by revolutionary ideals?1806 onwards
...then (tough one here) divorced his first wife, taking her as his second?1810-1814
His continued military push eastward resulted in a disastrous winter campaign in this country?1812
...and his exile to this mediterranean island?1814
...from which he escaped and re-conquered Paris, during this brief period?1815
...only to lose his final battle here?1815
...to this British general?1815
...at a battlefield in this present-day country?1815
In the final act, he was exiled again, to this barren volcanic island in the South Atlantic, where he died five years later? 1815-1821

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