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French History Mega-Quiz (Part I: Pre-1789)

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To begin, tell me the location of the famous prehistoric cave paintings, the oldest ever found?~17,000 BC
Moving forward a bit in time, how about the Roman conquerer of ancient France?58 BC
...and the Roman name for ancient France?58 BC-486 AD
...and the chieftain who led a failed uprising against the Romans?52 BC
What was name of the garrison town the Romans established on an island in the Seine?52 BC
...and the patron saint of that town, who converted its citizens to Christianity, before the Romans had him beheaded?~250 AD
The Hunnish king who was defeated on the Catalaunian Fields?451
How about the king who finally drove the Romans out, and unified the Frankish tribes? (Hint: The modern form of his name is 'Louis')486
...and his wife, who converted him to Christianity?508
...and, just for fun, the dynasty to which he belonged?c. 457-752
Where was the site of the Frankish victory over the Islamic invaders?732
...and who was the commander of the Franks?732
...and his son, who became the King of the Franks?751
...and the royal dynasty he founded?752-987
Too hard? Well, you must know his grandson, the 'Great' king who united Europe in the Middle Ages?800-814
...and the new noble title he was given for this feat?800
...and, just for fun, the name of the pope who crowned him?800
The coastal territory ceded to the Vikings following decades of raids?911
The 'elected' king who founded a new dynasty in 987?987
...and the dynasty he founded, whose direct line ruled France until 1328?987-1328
Name and number of the British king who in the 1100s annexed much of France?1154-1189
...and the modern-day name of his 'empire', derived from the noble house to which he belonged?~1172
...and the name of his wife, who was the Queen of France (until he threw her in prison, that is)?1154-1173
The stylized lily that became the heraldic symbol of monarchical France?1100s onward
Name and number of the French king who led his army on the Third Crusade, alongside Richard the Lionhearted?1179-1223
...then drove out the British at this (little-known) battle in 1214?1214
The powerful Catholic military order developed to fight the Crusades, that was destroyed after it became an economic threat to the nobility?1308
The 'official' noble house of France from 1328 to 1589?1328-1589
...and the noble house that opposed them, who also happened to control most of England?1337-1453
...and the name of the (very) long-running conflict between the two for the French throne? 1337-1453
The disease that wiped out nearly half the French population in the meantime?1346-1353
The name and number of the British king who arrived in France in 1415 to fight a hopeless engagement against a much larger army?1415
...and the famous battle he fought, resulting in a catastrophic French defeat?1415
...and the saint's day on which the battle occurred (hint: think Shakespeare)?1415
What about the teenage girl whose prophetic visions sparked a French military revival?1412-1431
...and the besieged city she hailed from?1429
...and her method of execution?1431
...and the city where she was killed?1431
...and, just for fun, the ridiculous capital crime the British charged her with?1431
Here's another tough one: which treaty finally, officially, ended the war?1475
The renaissance monk whose comic writings helped to standardize the French language?1483(?)-1553
...and his best-known work, a collection of tales about two hard-partying giants that was censored for its vulgarity? 1532-1564
How about the name of the Protestant French reformer who endorsed the doctrine of predestination?1509-1564
...and the name for his French followers?1500s onward
...and the saint's day on which thousands of them were massacred?1572
...and the powerful Florentine-born Queen Mother who was held responsible?1572
Tell me the name of the philosopher who popularized the essay as a literary form?1533-1592
And the hard-to-spell French term for the emerging urban class of merchants and tradesmen? 1500s onward
What about the noble house of France from 1589 to 1789?1589-1789
...and the name and number of the first king of that house?1589-1610
...and the order he signed, protecting the Protestants from further persecution?1598
Name and number of his successor, often portrayed as bumbling and incompetent?1610-1643
...and the powerful Catholic cardinal who 'advised' him (Hint: He's also the villain in 'The Three Musketeers')?1624-1642
Give me the name of the enormous French colony in the New World?1608-1763
...and the explorer who founded it?1608
...and the capital of the colony, which he also founded (now the only walled city in North America)?1608
...and the fur-trading post he established on an island up the river, which became the largest French-speaking city in the New World?1611
...and, just for fun, the animal whose fur he was after, to feed the European demand for felt hats? 1611
How about the French mathematician, theologian, and gambler, considered the father of probability theory (Hint: he had a famous 'wager')?1623-1669
...and his collaborator, whose 'last theorem' wouldn't be proved for more than 350 years?1637
Here's a toughie: name the heretical Catholic movement inspired by the work of Saint Augustine?1640 onwards
...and the powerful Catholic society that suppressed it?1640 onwards
Too hard? What about the French philosopher who laid the groundwork for rational discourse?1596-1640
...and his most famous philosophical assertion?1637
...and, just for fun, the work in which the assertion appeared?1637
Give me the name and number of the 'Sun King'?1643-1715
...and the location of the lavish palace he built, where he relocated the royal court?1682-1789
...and the despotic style of government he imposed?1643-1715
...and his most famous quote (which he may not have actually said)?1682
...and his mysterious prisoner, whose face was never seen?1640-1703
...and, lastly, his policy of harrasing the Protestants by billeting troops in their homes?1685
Who is the playwright who penned 'The Misanthrope' and 'Tartuffe'?1622-1673
...and what about his contemporary, who penned 'Ph├Ędre'?1639-1699
The intellectual movement that flourished in France following the death of the Sun King?1715-1789
...that included the satirical author of 'Candide'?1694-1778
...and the political philosopher behind 'Discourse on Inequality' and 'The Social Contract'?1712-1778
...and the lawyer who advocated for a separation of powers?1689-1755
What vast North American territory was named after the king?1682-1763
...and, while you're at it, tell me its economic capital, located at the mouth of the Mississippi?1718-1763
...and the war which cost France its supremacy in Europe, and most of its New World possessions?1756-1763
Finally, the name and number of the last king of France before the revolution?1774-1792
...and his wife?1774-1792
...and her most famous quote (which she probably didn't say)?1792
...and, for the dramatic finish, their method of execution?1792

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