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Name the person by their intro
'He's a 38 year old college freshman virgin' 
'He has multiple personalities... and none of them are interesting' 
'He's a 57 year old man that looks like a hairy pickel' 
'She's 39 years old, lost most of her teeth, and she got speeching problems' 
'He's got half a tongue, and can barely use it' 
'He's 18, doesn't know what to do with the ladies, and sounds like... half a fag' 
'She used to be a stripper, lives in a trailer, and she loves twilight so much... the retard wrote her own' 
Wrestlers and comedians
Founder of the Nastyville School of Pro-Wrestling 
Lead singer of the band Fozzy 
This famous comedian enjoys threesomes 
Not-so 'awesome' wrestler that attacked Bubba the Love Sponge 
The Snoop Dogg of comedy (in terms of getting high) 
Frequent Cowhead show caller, star of the Travel Channel series ____ the Conqueror 
He is not a wrestler or comedian (as far as I know), but he did win a date with April Macie 
Fill-in the blank games/segments
Who's my baby's _____? 
Trailer _____ 
What ____ is it? 
Guess who ______! 
Who likes this faggy ____? 
________ news 
Fill-in the blank committee members
Plain ___ 
Gold tooth ____ 
New wave ____ 
Shirtless ____ 
Captain ___ 
Who chose Dinah's football picks? 
What state is cowhead from? 
What famous talk show has made reference to the Cowhead show on more than one occasion? 
True or false: Pitbull Toddler was named for Cowhead's love of pitbulls 
What band does Cowhead have to play that he believes will put you to sleep while driving? 
What instrument does Galvin play in their band Pitbull Toddler? 
What is John Brennan's favorite place to shop for clothes? 

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