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Have you _____ the children yet? (wake)
I still haven't ______ out the rubbish (throw)
The shop _____ three hours ago. (shut)
I _____ £10 to my brother last week. (lend)
He ____ to me last time. (lie)
She _____ the child in the cradle and left the room. (lay)
We ____ my parents last Christmas. (visit)
The sun _____ all day yesterday. (shine)
I have never ______ my brother at tennis (beat)
Have you ____ out the washing yet? (hang)
He ___ me in the face yesterday. (hit)
The child cried when the balloon ______. (burst)
My dog has just ___ me here (lead)
I haven't ____ the dog for a long time (stroke)
He has ____ his bicep so he can't play tennis (tear)
He ____ the washing out 2 hours ago. (hang)
He has ____ to help us. (swear)
The people ____ out and searched the area. (spread)
Arsenal ____ Chelsea yesterday. (beat)
I have ____ you three times this morning! (ring)
My friend _____ me yesterday. (upset)
I still haven't ___ up the room. (set)
All the water has ____ away. (flow)
The workers have already ___ a big hole. (dig)
I can't believe the bubble still hasn't ______ . (burst)
I have already _____ with 5 difficult customers today. (deal)
We have ____ 5 songs already. (sing)
A pint of beer has never ____ more than £5. (cost)
The child ____ my hand when we crossed the road. (hold)
The ship has ____. It's too late. (sink)
Has the sun _____ yet? (rise)
He _____ the cards 5 minutes ago. (deal)
He _____ these posters to the wall 2 years ago. (stick)
Oh no! I think it has ____ and now I can't wear it. (shrink)
We ____ out the old sofa last year. (throw)
My friend ____ me down last time. (let)
I _____ last night. (freeze)
I ___ the cat 2 hours ago. (feed)
I haven't ____ the essay yet. (rewrite)
I have already ____ the bottle of juice. (shake)
The phone ____ 20 times yesterday evening! (ring)
This chicken is ____ (overdo)
The bottle of milk has just ______ off the table. (fall)
The chicken has just ______ an egg! (lay)
I have never ______ in a war. (fight)
The course _____ 2 weeks ago. (begin)
The wind nearly _____ the roof off the house last night! (blow)
The water ____ away into the sea. (flow)
The runner ___ the race from start to finish. (lead)
I have never ____ a dress (wear)
Lightning ____ the building last night (strike)
I have never ______ a horse (ride)
I ____ my essay because my teacher didn't like it. (rewrite)
The Titanic ____ in 1912 (sink)
The match has already _____ . (begin)
The sun ____ at 5am. (rise)
A bee ____ me yesterday. (sting)
We ____ three pigeons yesterday. (shoot)
I have never ____ an animal (shoot)
I haven't ___ the candles yet. (light)
I ____ the floor yesterday (sweep)
He hasn't ______ the candles out yet. (blow)
The ground ____ for twenty seconds during the earthquake. (shake)
Your dog ___ me yesterday! (bite)
The sun hasn't _____ yet today. (shine)
I shouldn't have _____ him anything. (lend)
He hasn't _____ me his new car yet. (show)
The child ___ in the cupboard 20 minutes ago. (hide)
Who has _____ you? (upset)
He has never ____ me down. (let)
Her face ____ with joy when she heard the news. (glow)
I have never ____ to you! (lie)
She has _____ everything already. (admit)
The man ____ at me. I was so angry! (spit)
I haven't ______ your keys. I promise! (hide)
We ___ up the room last night. (set)
I ____ the cat before I left. (stroke)
I still haven't _____ the floor (sweep)
He ____ loudly when he hit his head. (swear)
I ____ it yesterday and now all my muscles hurt. (overdo)
He ____ the piece of paper in half and threw it away. (tear)
I don't know what he ____ when he said that (mean).
The news hasn't ____ yet. (spread)
I have never ______ money. (steal)
I haven't _____ my Grandma for a long time. (visit)
He ____ that he stole the money. (admit)
How many pictures have you _____ this week? (draw)
Has the shop ____ yet? (shut)
My dog has never ______ anyone (bite)
He ____ me up so much that I punched him. (wind)
I have already _____ the posters on the wall. (stick)
London has ____ the Olympics twice (hold)
I haven't ______ a card yet. (choose)
My t-shirt _____ in the wash so I threw it out. (shrink)
I have never ___ a woman. (hit)
I haven't ____ anything away yet. (throw)
The family ____ at the funeral (weep)
The road was icy and I ____ into the car in front of me. (slide)
We ___ a big hole yesterday. (dig)
I have already ___ the cat (feed)
We ___ the fire 2 hours ago. (light)
I ____ down 10 minutes ago because I needed a rest. (lie)

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