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It's the w______ answer. (not right)
My phone is o______ . (not new)
My Dad is y______ . (not old)
We have a s______ car. (not big)
Our answers are t______ . (not different)
We have a b______ problem. (not little)
My English teacher is really n______ . (not nice)
It's a very g______ idea. (not bad)
He has s______ hair. (not long)
The shelf is too l______ . (not high)
The test was e______ . (not difficult)
I am s______ today. (not happy)
The shop is c______ . (not open)
We arrived l______ . (not early)
My Grandparents are r______ . (not poor)
The ice cream is too s______ . (not hard)
The test was really e______ . (not hard)
My brother is very w______ . (not strong)
It's h______ today. (not cold)
Food is very e______ in my town. (not cheap)
Turn r______ . (not left)
My school is u______ . (not beautiful)
We are close f______ home. (not close)
I feel w______ . (not sick)
It's getting l______ . (not dark)
My hair is w______ . (not dry)
My shoes are d______ . (not clean)
It's a s______ place. (not dangerous)
My house is f______ . (not empty)
I got some p______ comments. (not negative)
I'm w______ today. (not ill)
My brother is s______ . (not clever)
The spider is d______ . (not alive)
He's a s______ man. (not tall)
It's a i______ book. (not boring)
The baby is a______ . (not asleep)
It was a f______ race. (not slow)
My cat is too t______ . (not fat)
He was c______ when I told him. (not angry)
My class is very q______ . (not loud)
This salad is t______ . (not disgusting)
My brother is always p______ . (not rude)
This is a f______ Gucci bag. (not real)
I had a s______ day. (not normal)
This is a p______ road. (not private)
My name is very r______ . (not common)
He has d______ hair. (not fair)
My town is very t______ . (not modern)
This app is u______ . (not useful)
This box is l______ . (not heavy)
This is the s______ way. (not quick)
My Mum is always c______ when she drives. (not careful)
The streets near my house are q______ . (not busy)
There is a t______ spider on the wall. (not huge)
The park is s______ . (not round)
We live t______ . (not separately)
I am u______ about it. (not glad)
The water is s______ . (not deep)
The wall is really t______ . (not thick)
The road is very w______ here. (not narrow)
The l______ shelves are very dusty (not upper)
I am very n______ about my test tomorrow. (not confident)
It’s a m______ cat. (not female)
My parents are a______ of me. (not proud)
I’m really f______ . (not hungry)
It's a very s______ idea. (not complicated)
He is an p______ guy (not aggressive)
My brother is s______ . (not crazy)
My friend is hard- l______ . (not hard-working)
It's a m______ story. (not true)
He gave us some g______ instructions (not specific)
This grass is a______ . (not natural)
There are an e______ number of people in the group. (not odd)
I have a c______ insurance policy. (not basic)
This bread is s______ . (not fresh)
I live in a u______ area. (not rural)
The report is very v______ . (not detailed)
I’m sure he is i______ . (not guilty)
I have s______ skin. (not rough)
Do you prefer s______ pancakes? (not sweet)
This soup is very r______ . (not thick)
He is very n______ -minded. (not broad)
I have a p______ job. (not temporary)
He is very g______ with money (not mean)
This horse is t______ . (not wild)
The roads near my house are w______ . (not straight)
This ice-cream is l______ . (not solid)
This knife is b______ . (not sharp)
This fish is c______ . (not raw)
My teacher is very l______ . (not strict)
These jeans are too t______ . (not loose)
He is a g______ little boy. (not naughty)

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