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I saw an uni______ flying object.
She is ind______ . She can cope on her own.
It’s imp______ . It can’t be true.
It is ill______ to smoke here.
It has an unu______ flavour. Interesting!
It is unl______ that he will agree to do it.
He was unk______ before he won the national championship.
It’s inc______ . I can’t believe it!
Trump’s victory was une______ .
It was unl______ anything I have seen before.
I couldn’t sleep because I was unc______ .
It’s inv______ . Nobody can see it.
It is unc______ whether the wedding will happen.
It’s ina______ . Nobody can hear it!
You can wear inf______ clothes. There’s no need for suits and ties.
I think her decision was unf______ . I want to complain.
His speech was completely uni______ . I understood nothing.
It’s unc______ what he plans to do next.
That was a completely ina______ thing to say.
I am unh______ with your performance.
The funding is completely ina______ for the project.
We were unf______ to lose the match.
These changes are unn______ in my opinion.
The show was unb______ . I was amazed.
I played badly because the conditions were unf______ .
He was unc______ for a few minutes after his fall.
The food there is quite ine______ . The prices aren’t too high.
Your argument is completely irr______ in this situation.
I was une______ for three months last year.
I was una______ of the problem until you told me.
He is ins______ . He has lost his mind.
Don’t be ind______ . Say what you mean!
He is unw______ to accept reality.
Your performance is una______ . I have to fire you.
The smell was very unp______ . It was horrible.
The internet offers unl______ opportunities to waste time.
The weather is very unp______ in the mountains.
Our efforts were ins______ . We failed to achieve our goal.
It is unc______ to see foxes here.
This task is inc______ . Finish it now!
His performance is inc______ . Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Some people think that the universe is inf______ .
There are just three inc______ answers.
I want to throw out all this unw______ stuff.
The building is uns______ so it is closed to the public.
Don’t be imp______ . Your time will come.
The policy was ine______ . It didn’t work.
These issues are completely unr______ .
I am uns______ what to do next.
Their attempt to climb the mountain was uns______ . They didn’t get to the top.
The road is quite une______ here.
He is inc______ of telling the truth.
It was very irr______ to leave the child alone for so long.
The judge ruled that the new law was unc______ .
The President is very unp______ now.
There are many irr______ verbs in English.
That was an irr______ thing to do. Why did you do it?
The building is unf______ because the developer ran out of money.
Most of my students are from dis______ homes.
His behaviour was quite imp______ . I was not amused.
Your statement is ina______ . It doesn’t match the facts.
You are unc______ since I last saw you.
I think your expectations are completely unr______ .
It is illegal to drive uni______ .
Those cakes look irr______ . I have to have one.
This building is uns______ . Don’t go in.
The landscape is completely unt______ by humans.
The population increase was ins______ . It didn’t change much.
She is an ind______ team member. We need her.
Fast food is usually unh______ .
Your demands are completely unr______ . I can’t meet them.
She is still unm______ . She lives with her parents.
His methods are quite unc______ . Nobody else works like him.
My car is ine______ . It uses a lot of fuel.
The work is unp______ . I’m a volunteer.
I think the punishment was dis______ .
I’m afraid he is una______ at the moment.
Everyone is imp______ in some ways.
I am und______ . I don’t know what to do.
The tension is unb______ . I have to know what will happen!
He’s completely imm______ . He does whatever he wants.
They are inc______ . Their relationship won’t last.
I was dis______ with the food. It was bad.
It seemed imp______ that he would actually do it.
He is quite ins______ . He always worries what people think.
These cars are pretty unr______ . They break a lot.
I want to be imm______ . I don’t want to die.
He let out an inv______ scream.
I think she is too ine______ to do the job.
I was totally unp______ for parenthood. I didn’t know what to do.
There were a number of und______ consequences. It was pretty bad.
His speech was inc______ . I didn’t understand anything.
He is imm______ . He acts like a child.
The judge must be imp______ . Bias is not allowed.
I was an ill______ child - I never knew my father.
The twins are ind______ from each other.
He spoke in a very imp______ way. He was very cold.
He’s ill______ . He can’t read.
My colleague is really dis______ . He always lies
My daughters are ins______ . They do everything together.
Your actions were ine______ . Why did you do it?
It’s very inc______ to meet you at that time. Sorry.
The changes are irr______ . There’s no going back.
The smell was int______ . It was awful!
The location is quite ina______ . It’s hard to get to.
I felt dis______ after I hit my head.
That is an imp______ suggestion. It’ll never work
There are a few uni______ issues to sort out.
The ine______ truth is that we are not good enough.
This volcano is ina______ . Nothing is happening
It is inc______ that he could say no.
This forest is imp______ . There’s no way through.
I think we were really unl______ to lose.
I am very unf______ at the moment. I need to work out!
The findings were inc______ .
The hotel was in a very una______ building. It was all grey concrete.
That was a dis______ thing to say. I am offended.
He was very unf______ . He didn’t smile once.
The level of service was uns______ . I gave it 2/10.
I am afraid that I’m una______ to come to the wedding.
une______ people often earn less.
My situation is not dis______ to yours. It’s nearly the same.
This document is still unt______ .
He is imm______ . He can’t move.
That’s pretty imp______ . Nobody will believe you.
I thought that his speech was very dis______ . Offensive even.
That was an unk______ thing to do.
She was clearly uni______ when I spoke to her.
She is irr______ . I don’t know what we will do without her.
That argument is completely ill______ .
Their differences were irr______ and so they split up.
The engine is irr______ . You’ll have to replace it.
This water is imp______ . You shouldn’t drink it.
He was very imp______ . He didn’t even say hello.
Your handwriting is ill______ !

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