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It’s absolutely es_______ that you listen carefully. (important)
I am absolutely su_______ that it’s right. (confident)
It’s absolutely ce_______ to rain tomorrow. (likely)
It’s absolutely cri_______ that you do exactly what I say. (important)
She is absolutely am_______ at singing. (good)
We had an absolutely wo_______ time (nice)
This flat is absolutely pe_______. (good)
That’s an absolutely ri_______ idea. (silly)
Your hair looks absolutely go_______. (nice)
Your role is absolutely cru_______ (important)
The performance was absolutely in_______ (good)
It’s an absolutely st_______ view (beautiful)
The test was absolutely im_______ (difficult)
His contribution was absolutely vi_______. (important)
This cake is absolutely de_______. (tasty)
I think bugs are absolutely fa_______. (interesting)
You look absolutely fa_______! (good)
This book is absolutely br_______. (good)
We had an absolutely fa_______ holiday. (good)
He was absolutely ho_______. (nasty)
His jokes are absolutely ou_______. (rude)
I was absolutely de_______ when I heard the news (disappointed)
I was absolutely th_______ when I heard the news. (happy)
You need to be absolutely si_______ (quiet)
I am absolutely te_______ of spiders (scared)
That was an absolutely ab_______ thing to do. (stupid)
The film was absolutely te_______ (bad)
The flood was absolutely de_______. (destructive)
It’s an absolutely ex_______ place. (special)
That was an absolutely in_______ thing to do. (crazy)
That’s an absolutely lu_______ suggestion. (stupid)
The food was absolutely di_______ (unpleasant)
He is an absolutely te_______ player (good)
I was absolutely stu_______ when I heard about it. (surprised)
It’s absolutely im_______ that you come on time (important)
My parents are absolutely de_______ with my grades. (pleased)
The service was absolutely aw_______. (bad)
He is absolutely fu_______ about it (angry)
The landscape is absolutely spe_______. (impressive)
My parents were absolutely ap_______ when they found out. (unimpressed)
The entertainment was absolutely mar_______. (good)
The kittens are absolutely ad_______ (cute)
I was absolutely am_______ when I saw it. (surprised)
His speech was absolutely re_______ (impressive)
His injuries look absolutely ho_______ (bad)
I think he is absolutely hi_______. (funny)
The bride looked absolutely ma_______. (impressive)
The rollercoaster was absolutely te_______ (scary)
I found their hospitality absolutely ov_______ (touching)
His nose is absolutely en_______ (big)
His rise to power was absolutely astou_______. (surprising)
The scenery is absolutely br_______ (beautiful)
The sound quality was absolutely ph_______. (good)
Her grades are absolutely ou_______ (good)
His English is absolutely su_______. (good)
The weather was absolutely ap_______ (bad)
His clothes are absolutely bi_______. (strange)
My sisters are absolutely id_______. (similar)
This is an absolutely in_______ device (useful)
I am absolutely de_______ to go to the toilet (really want)
She looked absolutely pe_______ (scared)
The water was absolutely mo_______. (still)
On the third day the conditions were absolutely ho_______ (bad)
That cake looks absolutely ir_______ (tempting)
We had an absolutely de_______ walk in the park. (pleasant)
Stalin was absolutely br_______ (cruel)
That outcome was absolutely in_______. (likely)
The kids were absolutely fi_______ (dirty)
I think that my boss is absolutely cl_______. (incompetent)
I’m absolutely ex_______. (tired)
The film was absolutely he_______. (sad)
He was absolutely aston_______ when he found out. (surprised)
His excuse was absolutely pa_______. (bad)
I was absolutely ec_______ when I found out. (happy)
I was absolutely ov_______ by their kindness (touched)
Quantum physics is absolutely mi_______ (confusing)
Peter the Great was an absolutely ru_______ leader (cruel)
The soldiers were absolutely fe_______ (brave)
They were absolutely du_______ when they found out. (shocked)
The music was absolutely dr_______. (bad)
These paintings are absolutely pr_______ (valuable)
They were absolutely fl_______. (surprised)
This is an absolutely th_______ rollercoaster (exciting)
This is an absolutely le_______ weapon (dangerous)
Their performance was absolutely ab_______. (bad)
I think that’s an absolutely sp_______ idea. (good)
She looks absolutely sh_______. (tired)
This jewellery is absolutely ex_______. (good)
My parents were absolutely li_______ when they found out. (angry)
That building is absolutely hi_______ (ugly)
The conditions were absolutely at_______. (bad)
The music was absolutely de_______. (loud)
These sweets are absolutely sc_______. (tasty)
This snake is absolutely ha_______. (safe)
I want the room to be absolutely sp_______ (clean)
I’m absolutely st_______. (hungry)
It’s absolutely fr_______ today (cold)
It’s absolutely bo_______ today. (hot)
My headache was absolutely ex_______. (painful)
The ground is absolutely pa_______ (dry)
The kids got absolutely so_______. (wet)
They have an absolutely hu_______ kitchen. (big)

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