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using positive or negative imagery in order to make one feel the same about the issue.
an appeal to credibility; uses experts or attacks to prove if a view or person is trusted.
the group of people an ad is trying to convince or persuade
an appeal to one’s emotions; can be either positive or negative emotions
using vague language with no proof to make a positive or negative point.
the characteristics used by advertisers to sort people into groups.
suggests something is common sense and appeals to the “average Joe.
an appeal to logic and reason; gives facts and evidence to prove a point.
using experts or celebrities to give an issue or candidate more credibility.
using facts, evidence, and data to show only one side of the story.
argues that since a viewpoint is popular, the viewer should hold to it.
making attacks on the opposing side; can be directed at position or character.
suggest an issue or candidate only appeals to elites; can be used as positive or negative.

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