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GoofDisney film
When (character) sees (character ) in the river of death, he reaches down and touches it. However, when he jumps in, he makes a dive of at least 50 feet.
In the opening credits, Lewis Carroll is spelled 'Lewis Carrol', missing the last letter L.
When (character) is a baby, her pet pig is a baby. Later on in the movie, (character) is all grown up, and her pet pig is still a baby.
(character) shows (character) how to shake hands, explaining that it's 'How we say hello.' Handshaking didn't become a standard greeting until the mid-19th century.
If whales can sneeze, (character) should be sneezing through his blow-hole, not his non-existent front nostrils.
In the villain conference room, (character) from the '....' series speaks with an American accent, rather than the character's famous Australian accent.
During *song*, (character), (character ) and some of the fish shouldn't be able to survive in fresh water, as they are salt water fish.
At midnight, when (character) is escaping in the carriage, we see a full moon low to the horizon.Only in polar regions could it be as low as it appears.
There are at least two references to 'Bananas Foster,' a dish that wasn't introduced until 1951.
After (character) is named the King of Fools, among the food thrown at him are tomatoes. Tomatoes are native to Central America, which had yet to be discovered by Europeans.
The amount of spaghetti and meatballs on the plate (character 1) and (character 2) eat from changes between shots.
At one point during *song*, the two older Hula dancers at the left switch places, after that they switch back to their original places.
Despite the film taking place in France, none of the characters except (character), (character), and (character) speak with a French accent.
When (character) & the children land on the minute hand of Big Ben and force it to the quarter past position, the clock chimes the hour, when it should only chime the quarter-hour.
GoofDisney film
(character) doesn't notice (character)'s obvious aging between hair songs.
(character) had apparently spent years eating nothing but bugs but becomes a strong and well-built adult, instead of being malnourished due to a lack of meat.
(character) drinks the champagne through his trunk rather than spraying it into his mouth.
When (character) is in the prison cell she freezes her shackles and bends them. Frozen metal does not bend, it shatters.
When (character) reads the Final Admonition and reads some of it off her arm, it was written in simplified Chinese. However, simplified Chinese was created in the 1950s.
What do the (characters) do with all the treasure they mine? Despite all the jewels they find, they don't appear to be particularly well off.
During his farewell to (character), a tear is seen sliding down (character)'s cheek. Tears cannot form in zero-gravity, which appears to exist inside the portal they are in
(character) as an adult would have a full beard. He would also of course, be naked.
In this story set in the 14th century, the (characters) are drinking tea, which was not imported from China to Europe until the 16th century.
The film trades upon the misconception that, compared to predators, prey species are fundamentally timid. In fact the most aggressive mammals are large herbivores.
In *song* (character) sings 'Brush off your Sunday Salam' but in Islam the holy day falls on Fridays, not Sundays.
Kanine Krunchies sponsors the Thunderbolt show but in the 1960s, advertisers could not directly sponsor programs in the UK.
(character) is frequently addressed as Your Highness. The correct way to address an emperor is Your Majesty.

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