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Can you name the movies with 'wedding' or 'bride' in the title

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2005 buddy comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn
1997 comedy starring Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts returns to the wedding scene in this 1999 comedy
2006 film starring Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher
2010 female comedy starring Kristen Wiig
1994 film starring Hugh Grant
Nia Vardalos stars in this hilarious 2002 comedy
Romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez
2009 feuding comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson
Classic Fred Astaire musical from 1951
2005 romance starring Debra Messing
1935 classic monster sequel
Adam Sandler plays the lead character in this 1998 film
1994 film starring Toni Collette
1950 Classic or 1991 remake with Steve Martin
1954 film and classic musical taking place in 1850's Oregon
Third installment in the American Pie series
1987 fairytale adventure
2005 animated Tim Burton film
2010 romance-comedy starring America Ferrera

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