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What was Frank's nickname in his boxing days?
Where do Frank and Artemis go to have 'food fetish sex' after Dee kicks them out of her apartment?
What greatest hits cassette tape does Dee buy for the gang's road trip to the Grand Canyon?
What fruit does Charlie try for the first time in the same episode?
Who did Dennis dress up as at the Halloween party?
What carnival game is the waitress working in the DENNIS system episode?
Who does Frank's makeup for his 'Little Beauties' kids beauty pageant?
When Dee creates her online gaming world where she is the queen, what job did she initially give to Charlie?
What drink did Frank and Gail the Snail have when they stayed up all night and dry humped?
What does Charlie eat on the plane during the Wade Boggs challenge?
What job did Frank pretend to have in order to get to Thunder Gun Express faster?
Who does Dennis think banged his prom date before finding out that it was Mac?
What does Charlie give to the waitress's ex-fiance as a gift?
What song does Dee play when meeting Ben for the first time?
For how many days were the gang stuck in the storage closet at the 'Oliday Inn?'
What actor do Mac and Charlie want to play the lead in the movie they write?
What title does Mac give the videos he makes to impress Dennis and Charlie in 'Mac's Banging the Waitress?'
What five star restaurant was Dee going out to with her friends after stealing from the shoe store?
What product were 18th Century Charlie and Frank selling in 'The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell?'
Who does Frank accidentally shoot in the leg at the Eagle's tryouts?
What does a drunken Dee claim her profession is when trying to infiltrate the Korean restaraunt?
What is the name of Frank's street gang from the 50's
What does Dennis trade the pimp 'Pepper Jack' in order to get him to leave he and Dee alone?
What unfornate nickname do the mob guys give Mac in 'The Gang Gets Whacked' episodes?
What career does Dennis want to pursue when he quits the bar to go on unemployment/welfare?

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