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Used for bait when fishing
You may be given this to fill in at the dentist
Harrison or car
Bend something over on itself
You'd like your icream to be this
To embrace with your hands
A hollow part in a solid surface
Small burrowing mammal
1,760 yards
A building specific for grinding grain or flour
A herb in the parsley family
A toy often preferred by young girls
Not sharp
A fight between two opponents
Something necessary to make a machine work
To touch, or to inwardly ponder an emotion
At the bottom of your body
To achieve something you thought unattainable
Not rounded or sticking out
A baked dish containing pastry and a savoury or sweet fillling
A course of action you intend to do
A plot of land
A think, narrow piece of wood
To hit someone with the palm of your hand
Show approval by placing your hands together
A device used to hold an object in place
Lose your footing
Opposite of fat
Propel the body in water by using your limbs
...To have done the aforementioned in the past tense
A long necked bird
A absorbent piece of material used in surgery or medical tests

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